Get Off Your High Horse

Posted by on Aug 25, 2017 in Sister Jaguar's Blog


Get Off Your High Horse

Why is it that we all can’t see that Robert E. Lee sits atop yet another golden calf in a park in Charlottesville, Virginia? The initial golden calf was a false idol – a cult image – crafted by the Israelites during Moses’ absence when he lingered too long atop Mount Sinai.

General Lee has lingered far too long atop that golden calf posing as a trusty steed. The Civil War is long gone – but not forgotten. The blood of young warriors spewed on the battlefields of Gettysburg has never dried. Hatred and bigotry pulsate through the veins of their progeny. War pumps on and on, even in the hearts of generations yet to come.

A new breed of warrior, unshackled from the chains of our ancestors, is rising to create a new legacy that confronts the ideologies that divide us. When will we awaken from our waring ways, descend from our high horses, jump off our pedestals, quell our egos, and humbly march as one planet – one people?