Maketai: An Ode to Pachamama

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Maketai: An Ode to Pachamama

Winá Jai! Good day!

It is our pleasure to introduce you to the Achuar, the remarkable people who make the Amazon River basin of Ecuador their home. They are an ancient dream culture living in harmony with their ancestral land, which consists of nearly two million acres of pristine rainforest. Throughout human history, it has served as the lungs of Mother Earth, or as the Achuar call her, Pachamama.

As the caretakers of Pachamama, the Achuar honor Earth by offering maketai – thanks – for their ancestors, as they nurture the land they inherited and protect it for future generations. They’ve requested that we, the people of the modern world, examine how our relationship with Earth threatens their way of life, and ultimately the health of the entire planet.

We hope with this book that you experience Maketai – gratitude – by connecting with the life and spirit of Pachamama and her children….we are one planet and one people.

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