Passion Lives Within

Posted by on Jan 21, 2016 in Sister Jaguar's Blog


TodBoat. Photographer: Sophia Lyn Simsay my friend and PR person said, “Start your BLOG!” Excuse me? I am a 73-year old nun with a broken leg. She could just as easily have said, “Start your JOG!” Both are equally daunting and impossible.

So I Googled: “Why should I start a blog?” Answer: “Start a blob if you are PASSIONATE about something and you want to share your passion with others.” Ok. I get it. If it’s one thing I am, it’s passionate! So I just start talking, walking, jogging, blogging passion? Ok. Here goes.

As a nun, I roamed the planet for 50 years with a deep, burning PASSION to do good in the world. I was like Smoky the Bear. I wanted to leave the world – the forest – my campsite – better than I found it. But then came the forest fire, the mud slide, the flood – events in my life that left me burned and broken – yes, even a broken leg that hasn’t healed in four years!

My life changed profoundly the day I broke my leg. How was I going to be able to teach? To run a school? To be a voice for the poor? To raise money for projects that served disenfranchised people – especially women? I had forgotten that I was 69 years old. Or maybe I just realized it.

Well, the only thing left for this old, crippled nun to do was to WRITE – so I did. That’s when Sister Jaguar’s Journey started – at least on paper. That’s when I realized I had walked with an emotional limp my entire life and now I was going to walk freely – without excuses – for whatever time is left.

My life’s journey is quite simple. You can read Sister Jaguar’s Journey in a half day. Too long? Then you can experience my 73 years of life in a 20 minute DVD by the same name.

But my journey hasn’t ended. It never will – because PASSION LIVES WITHIN – within Smokey the Bear – within Sister the Jaguar – with me – within YOU – within US. Let’s begin our journey TOGETHER. Maybe we can’t JOG – but we can surely BLOG. We can share our PASSION – our desire to leave the world – the forest -our campsite better than we found it.

I could jog ALONE and that would be my personal legacy. But if we jog TOGETHER, our journeys become a common destiny. Miracles happen when journeys come together – where passions intersect along the way. It is called community. We are all related.

All My Relations-
Sister Jaguar

PS: My next blog will explain the meaning of “All My Relations” and how this term, used by indigenous people of our planet, put me on a path that took me to Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest where I met the Achuar who introduced me to their “Grandmother” – their sacred plant – ayahuasca – that changed my life – my destiny – forever.