Sister Jaguar’s Journey – The Book

Sister Jaguar's Journey - The Book

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Sister Jaguar’s Journey is the fiercely honest story of Sister Judy Bisignano, a Dominican nun, who after spending 68 years looking for god in all the wrong places, finally found the peace and divine connection she was looking for in the Amazon rainforest.

It all starts with a simple invitation to visit the Achuar community in the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest. Here in this place, with these special people, using plant medicine, she was propelled onto a new path. Guided by the indigenous wisdom of Pachamama (Mother Earth), and the sacred rituals of the Achuar people, she confronts and lets go of her turbulent, abusive, angry past, ultimately discovering that her life’s purpose was not to be an American educator, author and nun but rather a compassionate human being.

In many ways, Sister Jaguar’s Journey is the story of one nun’s transformational passage from self-rejection to self-acceptance, and from self-blame to self-love. It is, perhaps, the journey of each of us as we search for peace in this life and beyond.

The Achuar call her “Hermana Otorango – Sister Jaguar,” and so will you…

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