Sister Jaguar - The Movie

Sister Jaguar’s Journey

Sister Judy Bisignano, a Dominican nun, is a fierce educator, and in so many ways a rebel. SISTER JAGUAR’S JOURNEY tells the story of her difficult childhood, and her attempt to avoid family life, marriage and motherhood by entering the convent, where she was met with an even more abusive situation. Ever the survivor, she worked with children and opened several schools, yet when the school she started for the Mexican-American community was closed down, she was forced to confront the devastating affects of her lifelong anger. Her journey takes her to the rainforest of Ecuador and the sacred rituals of the Achuar people. It was here in this moment, in this place, with these special people, that she found God, healing and forgiveness.

The Achuar call her “Hermana Otorango – Sister Jaguar,” and so will you.

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    • Sister Jaguar - The Movie
    • Sister Jaguar Paint. Photographer: Sophia Lyn Sims
    • Sister Jaguar. Photographer: Sophia Lyn Sims
    • Boardwalk. Photographer: Sophia Lyn Sims

    Executive Producer
    Sandra Morse

    Director / Producer
    Sande Zeig

    Editor / Writer
    Melody London

    Wendy Blackstone

    Online Editor
    Mari Keiko Gonzalez

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